Pecora Dairy Handcrafted Ewes Milk Cheeses

About Us

Pecora Dairy was launched in 2011 by Michael and Cressida McNamara. Our farm is situated in Robertson, the Green Heart of the Southern Highlands, within 100 miles of Sydney. In 2011 our dream to produce wonderful, carefully crafted, artisan cheeses from own ewes finally came to fruition. We were absolutely thrilled when our Jamberoo Mountain Blue won a Gold Medal at the Sydney Royal its first appearance in competition.

Our Sheep

The East Friesian breed is the world's highest producing dairy sheep. Originally from the Netherlands, introduced to Australia in the 90's they have since been bred by only a few producers. Since 2005, Michael and Cressida have steadily increased their flock size with careful breeding and selection for the best producing ewes. Our flock is Australia's only exclusive, working, pure East Friesian ewes.


East Friesian ewes are ideally suited to Robertson, where cool climate and high rainfall meets fertile rich red basalt soils. It is this wonderful combination of lush green pasture and carefully selected genetics which provides the most wonderful milk for our cheeses.

Ewe's Milk is Amazing Stuff

Containing almost twice the solids of cow or goat milk, ewe's milk is not only wonderfully creamy and sweet but has numerous health benefits. It has been found to be beneficial for people who suffer from asthma and eczema and digestible for people who are lactose intolerant. It is an incredibly nutritious milk with double the calcium, phosphorus, zinc and B group Vitamins. (


The Cheeses

Bloomy White – Available from spring through autumn, Bloomy White is a mould-ripened fresh curd cheese with a beautiful ivory, wrinkled delicate skin. Beneath the rind, is a gooey texture which becomes molten as the cheese matures. The centre is dense, rich and smooth but with a slightly chalky texture. It has notes of citrus with a lingering "creme fraiche" mouth-feel. We love eating Bloomy White with Pinot Gris.

Jamberoo Mountain Blue - A mild yet complex blue. Behind a natural tri-colour rind is an ivory paste marbled with greenish-blue veins. On the palate there are yeasty, champignon, spicy and slightly smokey flavours that cut through the trademark Ewe's milk sweetness. At peak maturity, Jamberoo Mountain Blue has a wonderful combination of creamy mouth-feel, earthy spiciness and hints of mixed peel and honeysuckle.

Mezza - Inspired by the great semi-hard cheeses of the Basque region, Mezza is released at peak maturity - between 6 and 9 months. In its last three months of aging, this cheese transforms, developing powerful flavours of grass, nuts and caramel emerging from a creamy, yet firm paste.

Yoghurt - A pure, non-homogenised, pro-biotic, pot-set yoghurt. It has a Granny Smith like zing which underlies a natural occuring vanilla like sweetness with the barest hint of spice.

Where Can We Find Pecora Dairy Cheeses


Everleigh Markets
1st and 3rd Saturday each month + any 5th

Pyrmont Growers
1st Saturday of each month

Northside Produce
3rd Saturday each month

Kiama produce Markets
4th Saturday each month


Occello Fromaggi – Surry Hills
Blackwattle Deli
GPO Cheese Room
Robertson Old Cheese Factory
Bowral Cheese Shop


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